We're making today a quick one. I'm taking a good look at how to help families understand how college loans work, and what they'll be like to pay off after college.

Here are some quick resources for your home calculations:

  • U.S. Department of Education  

Information about the Federal Direct Loan Program, including publications and tools to help manage Direct Loans

  1. Direct loan calculator via FAFSA forecaster
  2. Federal loan repayment calculator  
  • College Board

Calculators and information on loan repayment estimates and comparing federal and private loans

  1. Student Loan Calculator
  2. Student Loan Comparison Calculator
  3. Parent Loan Repayment Calculator
  • Mapping Your Future

Repayment information including calculators to estimate repayments & salary based borrowing levels

  1. Debt Wizard Repayment Calculator
  • Chronicle of Higher Education

Information displaying average amount of debt assumed by parents at various institutions

  1. Average PLUS loan packages table