Competition. Hype. Pressure. Anxiety about the future. Where do we even begin?

That's just college admissions nowadays, right? But…does it have to be that way? What if you could turn it around?

Collaboration. Pragmatism. Relief. Excitement about what comes next. We've got this—no problem.


Parents, the choice is yours. You can step back and watch your teenager take ownership of the future. You can rest assured that all your bases are covered, and that the support you're providing will afford your student every opportunity in life. All you need is the right guide.


I can provide that guidance.

In my work with students, I bring to bear three essential things:


1. My own collection of far-ranging experiences in and after college. I have been an artist, an entrepreneur and an educator for more than a decade, and I'll be the first to proclaim from any mountain that "higher education" extends well beyond the four years after high school—it's the journey of a lifetime.

2. My ongoing professional development as an active member of several professional organizations, and my insights into what colleges really offer, garnered through 30+ campuses each year.

3. My sensibilities, communication style, and most importantly, my ability to listen. (Age doesn't hurt, either, as one of the younger professionals in this field.) I connect with teenagers. I hear what they have to say. I know how to reach them. I expect tremendous effort and hard work from my students; in return, I promise clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm and efforts equality herculean as we walk this path together.


For a more detailed breakdown of college advisory services, take a look at this PDF