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“Working with Nick helped me put my thoughts into words that other people could understand. When it came to writing my artistic statement, I felt like I could finally sit down and actually do it. Before that, I had all these ideas but couldn't hone in on any one thing. Nick really helped get my thoughts on paper, and made applying to colleges much less crazy. So, thank you!!”

-Sam L., student, Vistamar School ‘14


“Nick is an exceptional SAT tutor not only for his expertise in this field, but his natural ability to make students feel comfortable in the learning process.  He truly cares. Our son was inspired by Nick to do the lessons necessary to prepare for the SAT.  The time spent with Nick was absolutely worth the money! Thank you to Nick for helping our high school Senior, who had been struggling, to raise his scores to the level needed to apply to his target schools! We recommend Nick to friends and family!”

-Gina C., mother of Dominic, Westlake High School ‘14


“Nick was such an inspiration to my daughter, Sloane.  She had been previously tutored for the SAT but seemed to be having very little progress.  We decided to switch after hearing about Nick through some friends of Sloane’s.  Nick inspired her to think and to use logic in her preparation strategies.  In addition, he made it fun and challenging and inspired a great desire to improve. Nick had a personality and a humor that made it so much fun to learn, she didn't even realize how it all happened.  The end result was a 200 point (two hundred!!) increase from her prior test results, AND he only worked with her when we discovered him...for only a couple of months!!”

-Cheryl H., mother of Sloane, Marlborough School ‘14


“Nick Soper helped me through the SAT testing immensely. I am not the easiest to tutor but he adapted to me. He has an individual approach that really is unmatched. No other tutor has been as effective as Nick. He was so phenomenal that I asked him to help me write my college essays which ended with another victory. Success after success, Nick is now my go to guy if I ever need help with anything for school.”

-Cameron D., student, Oaks Christian School ‘14


"Nick was the perfect SAT tutor. As someone who struggles with standardized testing, I really benefited from his help, as he taught me the material in a way that I understood and was supportive and optimistic about my progress, which made the experience all the better. Between his relaxed attitude and determination to make sure I did the best I could, I had a great time studying with Nick."  

-Ellie M., student, Marlborough School '13


“Nick Soper came highly recommended and I can see why. We were comfortable with Nick from the moment he came to our home. He worked with my daughter, helping her achieve scores on the ACT that she was confident with. He was patient and thorough in his editing of her essays, showing her ways to express herself and write what was truly important to her. Nick helped make the college application process less stressful with his insight and organizational skills, allowing me to step back from the task.”

-Melinda M., parent of Celeste, L.A. County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) ’13


"We hired Nick to work with out son on the critical reading portion of the SAT since this area had always been a difficult area for him in standardized tests and at school. Robbie has a diagnosis of ADHD and is allowed extended time on tests at school but was not given this accommodation for the SAT. After taking the March SAT, we decided to switch tutors. Nick had a completely different strategy than anything Robbie had been taught in a prior prep class or by a previous tutor. It was a bit of a risk but we decided to take it and it paid off! Robbie's total score improved 160 points in only 6 sessions. He scored a perfect 800 in critical reading and his writing improved as well. Nick is easy going, with a great demeanor. I highly recommend him. ”

-Janet L., parent of Robbie, Harvard-Westlake Upper School ’13


“Nick was referred to us by Oaks Christian College Counseling.  Our son Jackson was looking for targeted review to improve his performance on the English portion of the ACT.  Nick's guidance, tutoring and coaching resulted in a 7 point increase in his test score for English and a nice bump to his composite score as well.  Jackson enjoyed his sessions with Nick and Nick provided meaningful feedback and advice regarding college essays as well.  Although I have never met Nick, I could see from Jackson's response to him that Nick relates well and makes the learning effort productive and fun.”

-Nancy P., parent of Jackson, Oaks Christian School ’13


“Nick Soper is a talented and creative tutor who challenged and coached my son for the SATs in ways that not only produced terrific results but believe it or not, were even fun.  It's only one of the things that makes him stand-out in this field.  We are also using him as we head into the college application process.  I can't recommend him enough!" ”

-Kathryn C., parent of Joe-Joe, Crespi Carmelite High School ’13


Nick was exactly what Christian needed for his SAT prep, college preparation, and essays for college!  He infused Christian with confidence, took one task at a time, and made the college process fun, easy, and not so overwhelming.  Christian learned how to express himself in writing and how to think about subjects from a different perspective.  Not only did Nick help Christian, but as parents we communicated each week the progress that they had made and the plan for the following week.  Nick is compassionate, logical, and has a gift working with students.  We look forward to working with him next year with our daughter when she is a Junior.  Thank you so much, Nick, for being such an incredible influence and giving Christian tools for a lifetime!

-Michelle N., parent of Christian, Oaks Christian School ’13


“Nick brings a positive, hopeful energy to every lesson and seems able to help everyone! Not only is he an amazing teacher, but also an inspiring person! His simple strategies and confidence boosting techniques are truly invaluable and helped me go into the SAT feeling truly prepared. Nick is top notch! ”

-Alexa R., student, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) ’13


“Nick helped take our somewhat less-than-motivated daughter and turn her into a highly focused and excited test taking animal! Rebecca scored more than 100 points higher than we expected, and she is eager to take the SAT again to do even better! Thanks, Nick!”

-Mark & Tricia D., parents of Rebecca, Oaks Christian School ’13


“Nick has an easy going approach to working with high school students.  Nick taught my daughter strategies that helped improve her SAT scores.  He also is a great help with college essays and the common app!  Nick Soper's ability to develop a rapport with students really helps make him a great coach.  An added benefit is Nick's expertise  in working with young artists and their unique learning styles. ”

-Michele R., teacher and president of the Parent Council, parent of Alexa, LACHSA ’13


“Nick has taught me SAT strategies that I could not imagine going without. He showed me certain math and reading comprehension techniques in five seconds that I hadn’t learned in three years of high school. The most complicated questions he explained in the simplest form, which brought a certain confidence that gave me more success than I could have ever imagined. He’s a genius!”

-Brandon E., student, Oaks Christian School ’13


“Nick helped me immensely with my college essays. I couldn’t have done it without his support and encouragement through the whole process; he helped me create an essay that I was really proud of. With Nick’s help, I feel that I was able to put my best foot forward.”

-Kiran S., student, Calabasas High School ’12