April 24, 2018

The Journey to Your Dream College: How to Stand Out in Your Application

What's the "right" way to get into college? High school students (and parents): Join our interactive workshop and learn how to simplify the college application process, how to set and achieve goals with confidence, and how to stand out to admissions with a unique personal statement. A Teen LAUNCH event!

7:00pm-8:30pm PST

Santa Monica Public Library - Main Branch
601 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Here are a few events I've done in the past:


Think Before You Post: College with a Digital Footprint

This workshop is all about raising students' awareness of how their activities online can bring about consequences, both positive and negative, in everything from college admissions to job interviews to the US legal system. Check out some sample slides.

Next Stage: Considerations for College-Bound Artists

This workshop is about expanding families' awareness of the different types of opportunities and requirements for participating in the arts during college. The length of the presentation is scalable, depending on the space and audience members present. Check out some sample slides.

 Get Started, Write Now!

The essay presentation has two different versions: one for helping students who are just getting started, and one for those who are looking for ways to really strengthen the material that they already have. I like to do group critiques of a couple of different sample essays, as well, to give families the perspective from the other side of the admissions desk. I also spend some time on how to write and manage the supplemental writing, which is often a piece left out of many college essay workshops. Check out some sample slides.