Now that the video has been approved by the TEDx committee and published for the public, it feels like a real thing:

I gave a TED talk!

And wow, I learned a lot in the process. During the first speaker "bootcamp," when I put an early draft of the talk on its feet for the first time, I discovered not only how much I tend toward long-windedness, but also an obsession with Star Wars references. (My heart broke a little when I trimmed them out.)

But the glazed-over reception made for constructive course correction. And then, about a week before the TEDx event itself, I got feedback from some dear and very sharp friends. 

Future self, please listen up: never ask for open-ended critique that close to a deadline. Instead, ask questions that direct the feedback so that it's something you can manage within your timeframe. 

Lesson learned.

Fortunately, I was given a single focusing question that guided all my efforts during that last week: what is the one thing you want the audience to walk away with?

Did I wind up nailing that one thing down? I developed a particular phrase that I kept repeating to myself any time I'd practice the talk in that final week, but was it as simple and clear as it needed to be?

That's a question I'd love to turn it over to you, if you find yourself with 15 minutes to watch.

What is the one thing that YOU take away? 

(Also, how about the expression on my face in this thumbnail image? ;)




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