The end of the school year is coming into sight. But there is a LOT to get through before the end, and for the high school juniors out there, a strong finish is absolutely crucial.

Here's your year-end checklist: click here to download a PDF copy!

  • Register for the ACT, SAT and/or Subject Tests.
  • Prepare for the ACT, SAT and/or Subject Tests: plan to take one full-length practice test per week in for at least three consecutive weeks before the actual exam.
  • Study for AP exams: start reviewing at least a month in advance.
  • Map out your summer: choose work, volunteer, study or other activities that speak most strongly to your interests.
  • Apply to selective summer programs: application deadlines typically fall in late March through early May; leave yourself at least three weeks to prepare your app.
  • Determine at least two teachers you’ll request recommendation letters from: ideally, they’ll be from junior year and teach core subjects (math/science & English/history).
  • Build out your college list: before things get crazy with all the end-of-year exams, explore schools that fit your interests and add them to your list.
  • Visit colleges: even if they’re local visits, see if you can fit in some time over spring break and summer to tour some campuses.
  • Start your college writing: brainstorm the stories you’ll share in your personal statements as well as the information you’d like to appear in rec letters.
  • Create a calendar: download this week-by-week template to determine what will happen when; add any travel, performance, test, family, or other big due dates to the timeline. Print a copy and put it where you can reference it daily.