Fordham: the new lesson here? They have two campuses! I'll have to make it up to the Bronx on my next trip to NYC, but here were the big bits from the Lincoln Center campus.


First, it's in the middle of EVERYTHING, and students have the option to matriculate to either campus for studies within the liberal arts. This time around, however, learned about the theater and dance conservatory programs. Even on the smaller Lincoln Center campus -- known primarily for its programs in the arts -- there's no shortage of academic options. Fordham prides its programs on the interplay between arts and academic, creating scholar-artists, who produce art in conversation with the world.

In the performing arts, theater majors can choose from performance, playwrighting, design and production. During their foundation year, they are required to get a taste of each of the concentrations. More recently the school has added coursework on acting for camera, helping students understand how to translate theater training to on-screen technique. Yes.

On the dance side, Fordham's partnership with the Ailey School ensures that aspiring dancers have professional training on par with that other conservatory down the street. There is a plethora of internship opportunities, at places like Blue Man Group, in big casting offices, at the Lincoln Center itself. A name like Alvin Ailey doesn't hurt. There are two senior showcases each year: one for performers, one for design and production.

It's just the dance and theater programs that are direct admit; otherwise, students have the option of either campus. And up at the Rose Hill campus, Fordham competes in DI athletics, for the student looking for more of the traditional rah-rah experience.


Columbia: another gorgeous walking tour. 

And last, but certainly not least, Barnard: