Counselors, parents, websites, books –- we all the resources laid out a months-long plan for applying to college. But somehow my kid knew better –- he’d always been able to wait until the last minute and be successful. We were struggling, trying to convince him procrastinating was not the right strategy here. When the moment came that he saw the light, he wouldn’t have had much hope of pulling it all together at that late point without Nick’s presentations at LACHSA, breaking things down into manageable steps, and Nick’s one-onone attention, pulling drafts out of Nathan and finding key information about colleges. With Nick’s help, much of the scaffolding was there and Nathan only had to engage with it. One key piece of advice Nick gave was to have contact with the schools, and it was at a college information session where my son finally found his motivation. Teen/parent relationships are complicated, applying to college is complicated. Working with Nick was really straightforward, and made working with my son a lot easier.
— Eleanor Hoppe, mother of Nathan, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts '15
Nick conducted a number of workshops at my daughter’s school. He took the
time to get to know each student in attendance and to see where they were in
their application process. The students loved working with him. By the end of
the session they all wanted to know when he would be back!
— Anita Smith, Parent Council Member at LACHSA, parent of Kelsey '14, and Hayley '15
From the minute I began working with Nick, we developed clear and
meaningful goals to focus on, and I could see the incredible progress we had
made after every draft. Nick has inspired me to push through the most
difficult challenges I had while writing my college essays, and his experience
helped me sort out all of the thoughts in my mind to produce a solid essay
that really reflects who I am.
— Venice Hartwell, Santa Monica High School '15