The SAT. The ACT. The SAT AND the ACT?  OR just one or the other?

Then…the Subject Tests? A.P. tests?

Which do I take? How many times? I heard some colleges "superscore"?

Which colleges need what? And what’s a “good” score?

Ugh. Yes. Standardized testing. Test anxiety. Information overload. It's a whole thing.

I'll make this simple. Because it suited my particular skills and background, I spent about five years working for a couple of test-prep companies, and I've continued tutoring on my own using my personalized approach to the material over the past several years.

Families often opt to hire me in this capacity because they'd prefer to have one go-to person for all things in the realm of college preparation. 


Which exams?

I tutor students for the current version of the SAT (fully revamped in 2016), the ACT, and the Subject Test in Literature. In special cases, I'll work with younger students applying to independent schools on the ISEE, and with older students applying to graduate schools on the GRE.

I can assist with ALL components of the above exams (including the math!). Students who just plain hate testing should go here to view the ever-growing list of schools that don't require test scores.

My aim: to arm students with simple strategies, according to their individual needs, that help them excel in all aspects of each exam format. I help them implement practices for keeping test anxiety under control. I teach to each individual test, and strive to make sure that, through our mutual efforts, students ultimately move the needle across their desired score threshold.

NOTE: I'm not crazy about all the madness surrounding test prep. I think, for the most part, it's completely overblown. A high score doesn't guarantee anything, nor can it be relied upon as an indicator of future success. However, getting a high score can remove a potential obstacle to gaining acceptances to competitive programs, and can also equate to greater merit aid awards, depending on the institution. So…it is what it is.